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The advertising designing is a group of well studied steps that should be performed in order to produce the work in the form and shape we expect, it is an idea consists of many components covered with beauty to produce a work that satisfies all tastes. From this scope, the team of Color Projects and as result of its professionalism, it relates on the aiming idea, beauty, distinct performance, simplicity, conveying the spirit of the modern period, these features are obvious in our professional works which includes all advertising services.


Colour Projects offers the most comprehensive technology. For every demand you find the tailored solution for your needs. it was the best way to print just about everything commercial: newspapers, magazines, booklets, advertisements, cards, brochures and Printing indoor & Outdoor.
With our high-quality printing and superior color accuracy and consistency, you’ll communicate and build your brand in the best way possible. You’ll benefit from integrated print communications for more effective and highly targeted marketing. Plus, you’ll enjoy greater time and cost savings with our company’s efficiency and automation.

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We provide smart web hosting plans according your business requirements including shared, VPS and Dedicated Servers. With our hosting services, available on every Web Hosting type, you can host and manage virtually any type of website:
blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo gallery, E-commerce store, and so much more! Since our hosting services runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, thousands of existing applications and software are compatible.

The importance of gift items is to keep your logo and your brand in mind. Therefore, Color Projects designs and implements high quality gifts and ideas.

GREAT & ZHBC offers an environmentally improved solution. All GREAT & ZHBC products for dishes and spoons & Plastic and paper bags، meet our customers’ needs for a greener alternative while maintaining the highest level of product functionality such as ease of closure with cutting resistance.


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Colour Projects provides integrated digital marketing solutions for your business

“We started our first steps with solid experience in web development, and by time we have enjoyed building the bridge between technology, online trends and business which includes all aspects Digital Marketing and New Media Techniques”. Now we are the best web design and mobile apps development company.

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